Our History

"Our strategy is to build on our strengths, to invest and develop prudently and creatively, and advise with integrity. This strategy has enabled us to achieve superior results for the company, our partners and clients."

Mansur and Company was founded in 1975 to provide professional real estate investment banking services to institutional clients. During the early 1980’s the firm began to invest in and develop commercial real estate for its own account. Growth has come as a result of an unwavering commitment to making sound investments regardless of current trends or fashions.

The firm, which is headquartered in Chicago, operates nationally and has broad experience with all types of institutional investment grade property. We have acquired or developed assets totaling in excess of 22 million square feet of office buildings, shopping centers and industrial parks in addition to over 6,000 apartment units and hotel rooms with a total value in excess of $5 billion. A fully diversified portfolio of property continues to serve our firm well through all phases of the economic cycle.